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Enter the strange world of mushrooms and expierence their power and beauty..........


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                   ( Living in or near the East Tennessee Area is NOT required )
-- If you have seen these magnificent beings sprout from the earth than you have seen a mighty thing! Mushrooms are so important in the cycle of life, they are vital to the very existence of living organisms. What is a mushroom? Well, many people wouldn't admit it, but most know nothing of mushrooms. Mushrooms are a key element in life. I encourage all to know about these creatures-and the important roll they play in our lives. First, mushrooms are rather-misunderstood. For many years, mushrooms and other fungi were placed in the plant-kingdom, but when you get right down to it, mushrooms share just a few characteristics with plants but nothing more. They aren't autotrophic like plants, in that I mean they don't make their own food, they must find it, almost like animals. And mushrooms don't-come from seeds like plants, they come from spores. Spores are like seeds in that they are small beads of life. With the proper care each seed and spore will develop-into the next plant and fungus. This club is really a shout to the public that they are-people who care for the pursuit of Mycology and mastering the technique of loving-these beings! Let Mushrooms invade our hearts so we can both love and respect them. 'Mushroom Meadows' Mycological Union of East Tennessee is here for-the people who want to reach out and acquire the knowledge of Fungi and Mushrooms! Joining this club may be the most intelligent educational move in your life! Join this club and learn about mushrooms and fungi! We do forays ( mushroom hunts ), we have newsletters, book renting, teachings, meetings, all kinds of fun filled activities to finally get a to know something about these great things. Click to join but if you want to know more just look around the site.

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