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- Mushroom Meadows Mycological Union of East Tennessee is a chance to get closer to these wonderful beings called mushrooms. First, Mushroom Meadows is very new. It was founded by me ( Russ Gillenwater ). I founded this 'club' because I wanted to share the knowledge I know about mushrooms to the world. A start is helping out my hometown of Kingsport and the Tri-city community of East Tennessee. Since this is a new club, I'm not exactly sure what all we are going to do for sure but, my plans are to have teaching sessions where we meet at a certain location, everyone brings a mushroom they have found, we all identify it, Learn about it, pick a mushroom out for the mushroom of the month and basically have a good time in the experience of learning about mushrooms. I plan to go to different places and have mushrooms hunts. But since this is a new club that may not be a possibility for some time. I do encourage people to seek out mushrooms, learn about them, and identify them, to do that, you will of course need books, that's why I'm trying to put together a 'mushroom library' if you will. Right now our resources are limited do to lack of money, but if we could all chip in I think we could develop a respectable shelf of good mushroom books. ( dues for the club may run from 0 cents to 1 dollar a month depending on basically if you want to spend any money or not for the club ) This club is affiliated through NAMA ( North American Mycological Association ). I recommend you join NAMA if you are going to join Mushroom Meadows but the choice is up to you. We should have different things you can borrow in a few months. What you can borrow just depends on what I can find. This club is very flexible. If you are board and just want to know about mushrooms that is very okay, if you are seriously interested in the study of mycology and want to know everything about them, attend meetings, right articles for the newsletter being as involved as you can be that is more than okay too.
I have founded this club, but I think WE should run it.
Another reason why it would be wise to join is because Tennessee is a great place to find mushrooms! there is still so much to be discovered, the possibilities for mushrooms are endless.
This club is both fun and educational, for more information to join click HERE.
But if you just can't wait E-mail

PS, I'm working on the newsletter so each week and/or month you should receive a letter in the mail from us here at the Mushroom Meadows headquarters!