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- PRIZES......
the Titan Mushroom project. People who bring in the largest mushroom in the Tri-Citiy area gets 5-10 dollars in cash, the MM-MUET ( mushroom meadows - mycological union of East Tennessee ) mushroom kit. ( includes knife, magnifying glass, latex gloves, gardening mask, spore print intoduction kit ( comes with spores inside re-usable containers ), and more... And of course a invitation to our great club.
more info -
When you find a mushroom to enter in the contest take a picture of it next to a everyday object, like a can drink. Then e-mail us at Magnus_barefoot to setup a date
when you can give us the picture, or the mushroom. ( also, if you have a scanner, scan the picture than attach it to your message so I get the picture that way )
The due date for all mushrooms has not been decided yet....

More projects coming soon.......
Goliath fairy ring project
Gargantuan mushroom Collection
and the Behemoth Mold contest